What In the World Has LinkedIn Come To?

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  • October 17, 2017
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LinkedIn is the official social media network for business with the sole purpose of bringing like minded people together to network, share their skills, and sell their products and services in a professional way.  In recent years however, the business social media giant has become more then a playground of unrelated content, continuous spam, and unfair competition. Sliently, people are looking for an alternative to this social media game of musical chairs that LinkedIn has become a joke to some?  Let’s look at some problems.

I am a member of several freelance web designer groups here on LinkedIn.  It’s a great way to share your expertise with other members, but here is the delimma:

I encounter many posts where people are in need of web designer or similar services and I get these type of responsives:

1.  Someone responds to your request, but you don’t follow up with those that are interested in meeting your needs.  What is the point of your request if you are not going to follow up?  NO ONE should have to chase you down for something you want.

2. Someone responds to your post, but that individual is offering a product, service, or a business opportunity that has nothing to do with what you are in need of.  That is unprofessional, not to mention disrespectful.  If you cannot meet that requestor’s needs, keep your post to yourself.

3. Someone responds to your post with a bunch of spam.  LinkedIn is the place to share ideas and perhaps market your skills and talents.  No one ever said that you have to spam the requestor.  Make your statement and leave it alone.  That is a big turn off for me.

I understand that you are in need of a website and you probably want someone who is less expensive, customer service friendly, and can go beyond the call of duty:

1.  Web design companies in the Western world (partiularly the United States and Canada) get the short end of the stick because foreign companies always tend to get the projects because their cost of living is very low and are able to charge very little.  That does not mean a foreign web design company can perform good work. It’s a very good idea to reasearch any web design company before you hire them. After all, what you see may not always what you get.

2.  If I am advertising a new product or service, or if I am looking for web design clients, why in the world are you going to advertise your product or service to me?  I don’t need your services because more than likely, I am doing the same thing you are doing. I probably can do them better than you can.  That is a form of spamming and I will stay away from people like that. If you keep spamming you like that, chances are they will try to take advantage of you.

There is so much irrelevant content on many of the LinkedIn groups that people are slowly turning away from these groups and perhaps seeking another similar social media network. Here are some reasons why:

1. Spam.  Nothing tick people off more than advertising a product or service, writing rich content, or responding to a person’s post that someone comes in and drop a bomb of spam in the message.  It’s a networking killer!  I know LinkedIn is the place to advertise your business, but there are ways to do it without spamming someone. If you are that desperate for your business to succeed that you have to spam, it shows that you have a low level of professionalism, your intention is to scam and defraud professionals, and you have no patience or stomach for your skills. You need to find a new line of work.

2.  Off topic content.  If your group is freelance web design (for example), why are you posting  a business opportunity.  That kind of post is irrelevant to the group and makes people very angry.  I read posts many times about people complaining about it, but group owners don’t do anything about it. This problem (besides spam) continues to go unchecked, I believe there will be less people on LinkedIn.  Ingermane content will not only kill your company on LinkedIn or any other social media network, but it will alway kill your reputation. No one will trust you as a source or authority in an expertise because truly you don’t know that you are talking about.  Relevant content in the right group will build your reputation, strengthen your kills, and provide you with more profile views and endorsements. If someone have a question or a problem, they will come to you because they view you as a good source of information. Don’t have any expertise in a particular group? DON’T SIGN UP!. Find a group that fits your content and leave an applicable skill to the real professionals. I’m just saying….

3.  Taking away your quality of work.  What that means is a company claims they can do a better job in your skills and that you should  outsource your work to them.  Believe me, there is nothing wrong with outsourcing as many companies use this avenue to partner with similar companies to spread work around if they have too many clients.  Usually the company with the many clients will contact a similar company to partner with and not the other way around.  I hate it when someone ask me to be a partner and I know nothing about them.  I get most of these invitations from foreign web design companies. To me that is an insult to my skills and my quality because they are really telling me “I don’t know what I am doing and that you clients deserve someone like me because I am better then you”.  If you encounter someone like that, RUN and don’t look back. It’s surely a red flag that someone might take advantage of you. Do extensive homework on the company before you partner up with them.  If something is too good to be true, sometimes it is.

Remember, there are groups out there in Linklinland that are truly dedicated to network, market, educate, and inform. You just have to take the time to find  it. What you do there reflects not only you but your company as well. So be professional and stay safe. Like any part of the internet, we can become a victim of spam or a scam. Information is a best defense. Use it wisely and you can become victorious in LinkedInland today. Tomorrow, the world (the worldwide web that is).