We are committed to:

  1. Treating you like a person and not a number
  2. Being professional at all times
  3. Providing the best service at an affordable rate
  4. Making things right when we are wrong



  1. Our clients, who are number one, are our top priority
  2. Being professional is our number one priority
  3. Being customer service centric is our top priority
  4. Doing the best job possible is our top priority



  1. Good customer service is our main concern
  2. Good customer service is what we stand for
  3. Good customer service keeps us in business
  4. The customer is always right



  1. We offer great deals to keep people coming back to us
  2. We support our military, seniors, and nonprofit by giving them discounts
  3. We keep costs down and give the savings to you
  4. We don’t want to just make a profit, but to make a difference

  1. We don’t spam. In fact, we have a zero tolerance for it.
  2. Our sales approach is short and to the point
  3. We involve the person in our sales pitch
  4. We don’t pressure anyone to do something people don’t want to do. We are not pushovers.